Reading Made Easy combines the best of sound phonics mechanics with a contagious love of reading. I only wish this valuable tool had been available when I began homeschooling. Affordable, scripted, easy-to-use and effective; what more could anyone want? Reading Made Easy is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to impart to children not only the information of “how” we read — but also the inspiration of “why” we read.”
Jane Claire Lambert – Author of Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row.


Free Easy to make Bible Story Puppets


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Teaching your child to read is easy with Reading Made Easy by Valerie Bendt.

- Phonics based
- 108 easy lessons
- 3 lessons per week
- Less than 30 minutes a day
- Fully scripted
- Christian content
- Original stories and poems
- Introduction to punctuation and capitalization
- Hands-on activities
- Writing and drawing activities
- Homeschool family tested
- 512 pages
- Binding lays flat


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